Important Customer Notice Voluntary Suspension of SUQQU Whitening Skincare Series (Vol.2)

23rd July 2013: Since 4th July, 2013, e'quipe Ltd., has discontinued the sales of three SUQQU Whitening skincare products containing Rhododenol. This is a precautionary measure following recent reports of consumers who have used certain brightening skincare products containing Rhododenol suffered white blotches.

Relevant SUQQU products are:
1) SUQQU Whitening Repair Essence
2) SUQQU Whitening Lotion
3) SUQQU Whitening Barrier Emulsion

No similar case of the reported symptom after using the above mentioned SUQQU products has been found in other trading countries than Japanese domestic market and the connection between Rhododenol and the symptom is under investigation.

No other SUQQU products are affected.

•About Rhododenol
Rhododenol 4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2-butanol in its chemical name, is an active brightening ingredient developed uniquely by Kanebo Cosmetics and was approved as an active quasi-drug ingredient by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan in January 2008. It is a natural ingredient present in many plants and used by Kanebo Cosmetics in synthetic form with purity in excess of 99 percent. It binds with tyrosinase, the enzyme related to the generation of melanin, and inhibits activation of tyrosinase, thereby having the effect of preventing the generation of melanin and the appearance on the skin of dark spots and freckles.

•Possible symptoms
There have been cases where white blotching has appeared on the neck, hands/fingers, cheeks, around the eyes, face line, and other areas to which the products containing Rhododenol may have been applied or with which they come into contact.

•What to do
It is confirmed that these conditions have been improved by discontinuing the use of the relevant products, in many cases. Should you experience similar symptoms after using the relevant products, please stop using them immediately and consult with a dermatologist.

SUQQU apologises for any inconvenience. For additional information and enquiry, please contact your nearest SUQQU distributor or email:

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