Effective Date: 23 July 2014

Thank you for visiting the SUQQU Global website (the "Website") of e'quipe, LTD. ("e'quipe"). The Website Terms of Use are applicable to all users of the Website (www.suqqu.com/global/). Please read through and be sure you agree with the terms and conditions set forth below before using the Website.

Website Terms of Use

1. Copyright

e'quipe and its parent company own the rights or publishing rights to all image, audio and text material (the "Content") on the Website, unless otherwise noted.
The Content may be browsed freely. However, the Content may not be used in any manner (including reproduction, falsification and distribution) or for any purpose except as defined by law (such as personal use) without the prior written consent of e'quipe. Please note that unauthorized use of the Content may be a violation of Copyright laws, Trademark laws, portrait rights or privacy rights.

2. Trademarks, etc.

e'quipe, its parent company, or other parties that granted e'quipe permission of use (the "Rightful Owners") own the rights to trademarks, logos and service marks on the Website. Trademarks, logos and service marks may not be used without the permission of the Rightful Owners.

3. Links

■ Linking to the Website

Anyone may freely link to the Website. However, e'quipe may have a link removed if the linked website or linking method is found to be inappropriate. For more information see "Important Information on Linking" below.
e'quipe does not check websites managed by third parties ("Third-Party Websites") that link to the Website, and does not make any warranty in this regard. Therefore, e'quipe is not responsible for any damage caused by links to the Website.

■ Important Information on Linking

e'quipe strictly prohibits websites that include the following from linking to the Website.

  • Content that violates public order and morality
  • Content that violates laws and ordinances
  • Antisocial content
  • Adult-oriented content
  • Content that slanders or defames e'quipe (including its parent company and affiliated companies) or other involved parties including artists
  • Other content that is objectively deemed to damage the value of e’quipe (including its parent company and affiliated companies)

Please adhere to the following when linking to the Website.

  • Open the link in a new window, or change to the full screen mode.
  • Do not link to the Website for illegal purposes.
  • Do not hinder others from using the Website.

■ Links from the Website

Links on the Website to a Third-Party Website are provided for the convenience of users, and e'quipe does not warrant or approve the content found on Third-Party Websites.
Therefore, e'quipe is not responsible for any damage users may incur from the content or use of Third-Party Websites.

4. Disclaimer

e'quipe carefully checks all information before publishing on the Website.
However, e'quipe does not warrant the accuracy, timeliness, validity or safety of the information. e'quipe is not responsible for any damage, loss or problems users incur by using the Website for whatever reason.
Furthermore, e'quipe may update, correct, alter or delete information and url addresses, or temporarily suspend or close the Website, without prior notice. e'quipe is not responsible for any damage this may cause users.

5. Changes to the Terms of Use

e'quipe retains the right to change the Website Terms of Use when deemed necessary, through announcement on the Website.
Note: If you have any inquiries, please contact our Online Support Centre by email to suqqu.global@eqp.co.jp.

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